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As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, I would be happy to discuss the potential or current legal issues with your advertising, marketing, and promotions campaign in English and Spanish.

If you have been contacted by a regulator, federal or state, please know that time is of the essence to reply within the deadline given.  If you would like my legal help, kindly contact me promptly in order to represent you in such challenges.

Kindly fill out the form below so that we can discuss your legal needs regarding your advertising, marketing, and promotions campaign in English and Spanish.   I look forward to working with you.

Also, if you have any questions regarding Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law, need help reviewing your advertising campaign in English or Spanish, or you need help with a False and Misleading Advertising lawsuit or challenge, please feel free to email me at  You can also schedule a time to speak with me, please click here:

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“…deadlines are guarded carefully.  It gives clients great security to know that wherever you are, the client is not disconnected from you since you have various ways of contacting you.  I love how accessible you are….”

I must say your persistence and good advice paid off.  My most sincere thanks for your help….”

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