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The FDA is watching too!

Regardless of where the product is made and in what language the product is marketed in the USA, proper labeling of the product is crucial. #substantiationequalstrust, #transparencyformstrust


Puffery? Health related claims must be supported by reliable and scientific evidence

100% Claim Requires Substantiation

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As a mom of two amazing girls, I absolutely love Nike’s crazy commercial, “So, if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.” hashtag#transparencyfromstrust hashtag#substantiationequalstrust hashtag#hispanicadvertisingandmarketingattorney hashtag#advertisingandmarketinglawyer  

Inclusion Rider

I’m just curious, what would happen if advertising and marketing industry contracts were to contain “inclusion riders”? Comments? hashtag#substantiationequalstrust hashtag#transparencyfromstrust hashtag#advertisingandmarketinglawyerhashtag#hispanicadvertisingandmarketingatorney See the following Law 360 article: Expert Analysis – Opinion Inclusion Rider Work Must Continue In Hollywood And Beyond By Kalpana Kotagal        

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