What would happen to your business if the FTC imposed a permanent ban on it for illegal marketing?

The FTC:
– imposed a permanent ban, 
– took a residence, and a $1.6 million settlement 
on a company in NJ for making “illegal robocalls to consumers, including tens of millions of calls to numbers listed on the agency’s Do Not Call Registry.” 

Apparently, the company made about “45 million illegal telemarketing calls” 😅

In addition to the permanent ban, the company must:
– Pay a $10.2 million civil penalty judgement;
– Owners are prohibited from making further false, misleading and fraudulent claims.
– Dissolve company within 30 days.
– Company is prohibited from billing and/or collecting funds.

So, what do you think is less expensive, having your marketing reviewed for legal compliance before launching it publicly or defending from an FTC action? 

Contact me to help keep your business legally compliant to hopefully avoid costly fines.

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