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Audrey Glover-Dichter  Attorney at Law Abogada Licenciada

It is necessary to use social media as part of your marketing campaigns in order to reach your intended readers.  There are Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Laws and regulations that apply to social media campaigns.  

Social media used to promote a brand, product or service does not work the same way as social media used in one’s personal life. One of the biggest issues when using social media as part of advertising and marketing campaigns is TRANSPARENCY.  The FTC requires full disclosure when there is a “material connection” between the person endorsing the product and the advertiser.  There are several actions a person can take to endorse your product that can trigger consequences for you,  the advertisers and marketers.  

Using hashtags such as #paid, #ad, and #spon are important for TRANSPARENCY to inform readers that of the material connection of the advertisement.   Influencers who do not make the disclosure of material connection, may also be penalized by the FTC.

Using these hashtags for online reviews may also help to maintain the integrity of such reviews, building trust with your audience through TRANSPARENCY.   There are consequences for fake online reviews as well. 

As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, I work with clients in the following industries:

Food and Beverage, Fashion, Technology/Electronics, Toys, Health (vitamins, supplements, etc.),  Cosmetics, Financial, Travel, Communications, E-commerce, and more

I work with advertisers and marketers to meet requirements of the platforms used for your advertising and marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc.  

As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, Glover Dichter, PL, I guide my clients to properly and carefully meet the complex requirements of transparency and disclosure.  There are several questions that must be addressed regarding social media marketing and appropriate material connection disclosures, especially when paying someone to endorse your product. Of course, there are other issues with social media marketing, such as right to publicity.  As we work together, we address all the necessary issues of your social media campaign  to you are compliant with FTC regulations on “deceptive and unfair marketing.”

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