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Audrey Glover-Dichter   Attorney at Law Abogada Licenciada

All companies need risk management, including advertising, marketing, and promotions campaign risk management. As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, I participate in such risk management by reviewing advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns for traditional and social media venues in English and Spanish.  It is important for all companies, regardless of size and income, to have their marketing campaigns reviewed to minimize potential challenges that may arise due to legal and regulatory noncompliance.   I work with the following industries:

Food and Beverage, Fashion, Technology/Electronics, Toys, Health (vitamins, supplements, etc.),  Cosmetics, Financial, Travel, Communications, E-commerce, and more

I review advertising and marketing campaigns for the following potential issues:

Claim substantiation, comparative performance claims, advertising to children claims, green claim, made in the USA claims, natural claims, issues with pricing, promotions and sweepstakes/contests, social media marketing, transparency/ consumer content, negative-options, branding, labeling, and best practices standards, among others.

As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, review all ads, (including scripts, copy, art work, etc), to see if they comply with Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law in the USA, federal, state, and local levels, in English and Spanish.  I advise clients as to potential issues with their marketing campaigns.  I even suggest changes to be considered by the clients to comply with laws and regulations.  Ultimately, the client is responsible for their advertising, marketing, and promotions campaign.  Challenges to your advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns can be costly financially.  Challenges can also affect your company’s reputation and brand recognition. Hence, the need for marketing risk management is crucial.

I work with all businesses from start-ups to multinational companies and agencies.  I review campaigns on an ongoing basis or as needed basis.  I review advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns for new products, and well established products.  I also participate in marketing risk management as an outside counsel for companies who need a second opinion.  I  review all advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns in English and Spanish. 

I work with creative agencies as well.  As creative as you are, it is necessary to review  marketing campaigns to assure the they comply with Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Law in the USA.  According the FTC, ad agencies could also be responsible for misleading marketing campaigns. Regardless of the language of the campaign, what the product is or where the product is from, if the marketing campaign is to run in the USA, then Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Law and regulations apply.

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