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Welcome to Glover Dichter, PL, your one-stop shop for legal compliance with Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Law (Ad Law). As I review your marketing, I check for legal compliance under the Federal Trade Commission laws and regulations and other federal agencies on advertising and marketing that may be applicable.
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Legal Services for Marketing Experts

If you advertise in any way, especially having a live website, Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law (Ad Law), Intellectual Property Law (copyright and trademark), Privacy Law, and ADA online compliance apply to your business’ website. Technically, size, location, product/service don’t make a difference. When you have a website, you are advertising nationally and internationally.


Representing Businesses with Legal Compliance
In English and Spanish


Audrey Glover-Dichter has over 25 years of experience practicing law, and she has extensive experience working with clients and businesses worldwide, in English and Spanish.



Very happy with the service from Audrey. She worked to a very tight timeline and delivered perfectly. Very highly recommended and will definitely engage her for more work as we continue our US growth.

Jon-Paul L.

Audrey’s knowledge base has incredible depth and breadth. She can help anyone regarding the law surrounding all things marketing and websites. She shares tips and insights and is extremely helpful and kind. I highly recommend Audrey to work with and to connect with.

Lena S.

Audrey is very knowledgeable in Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law, Copyright and Trademark Law, and Privacy Law. Audrey streamlines what the client needs to do, especially with websites, to be legally compliant. Audrey gives great advise on protecting businesses from their own websites. Highly recommend Audrey!

Tina L.

Audrey is my go-to person whenever I have a question around trademarks and copyrights and she always is able to help me. She explains matters very clearly and breaks it down so that it becomes quickly understandable. When she is unable to help, or when we needed some complimentary advice, she has a broad network that she'll provide access too. In short: Audrey has got you covered!

Yvonne D.

Audrey is an expert at Advertising law. If you run a marketing agency or a marketing department, its important to have an advertising lawyer on your side that understands advertising law so that you can comply on behalf of your company with all campaigns that are going out. Audrey can help you not just protect your company but she can help you protect your clients as well. I highly recommend having a conversation with Audrey because she is not just a great lawyer, she is always a great person to have around. Highly recommended.

Joe A.

Audrey was very professional and provided me with assurance and expert consultation during a stressful process. I was very happy with the service she provided.

Adam V.

…deadlines are guarded carefully. It gives clients great security to know that wherever you are, the client is not disconnected from you since you have various ways of contacting you. I love how accessible you are….

Maria T.

Some people have a special way of knowing what to do to make things nice for others and that’s just the way you did for me.

Amelia L.

I want to thank you for your professionalism and your diligent case management and follow through especially your knowing when additional creditable documentation was needed. I would recommend your services…. Again congratulations on a job well done.

John P.

I must say your persistence and good advice paid off. My most sincere thanks for your help….

Florencio F.