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Attorney Audrey Glover Dichter photoAudrey Glover-Dichter, Attorney at Law Abogada Licenciada

A boutique law firm that focuses on educating and helping advertisers, marketers, and agencies meet the legal requirements of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law in the USA in English and Spanish. My goal is help clients minimize legal risk from false and misleading advertising lawsuits or challenges. As an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, I work with clients in the following industries:

Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology/Electronics, Toys, Health (vitamins, supplements, etc.),  Cosmetics, Financial, Travel, Communications, E-commerce, Privacy, and more

I help clients by being a productive member of their creative teams during the creation, implementation, publication and dissemination of advertising and marketing campaigns in traditional or social media venues. I participate throughout the process by reviewing advertising and marketing campaigns so that they meet the legal requirements of consumer protection laws and regulations under FTC, FDA, CPSC, CAN-SPAM, Textile Act, regional/state regulations, and others.

As an Advertising and Marketing attorney, review advertising and marketing campaigns for the following potential issues:

Claim substantiation, comparative performance claims, advertising to children claims, green claim, made in the USA claims, natural claims, issues with pricing, promotions and sweepstakes/contests, social media marketing, transparency/ consumer content, negative-options, branding, labeling, and best practices standards, among others.

By participating in my clients’ advertising and marketing campaigns, I help with risk management by minimizing potential challenges from competitors and investigations by regulators. I also help manage risk by minimizing potential challenges for unsubstantiated claims, unfair advertising, false advertising, and deceptive advertising claims.

At Glover Dichter, PL, I work with start-up companies and foreign companies looking to bring new products to the USA. Not all countries around the world may have Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Law systems, and those that do, differ from the USA. Hence, marketing that works abroad, may not necessarily work in the USA. I am here to guide you through the complexities of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law in the USA, especially if you are new to the US market.

I also work with established companies with current  advertising and marketing campaigns.  It may be helpful to get a fresh look at current campaigns to see if any changes may be necessary under the law.  The law changes constantly.  So, it is important that businesses and creative teams/agencies work with an attorney, who is informed of such changes, in order to update their advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly to meet the requirements of the law.  Of course, it would be best to participate in future advertising and marketing campaigns from their inception.

Having worked with clients from around the world for the past 26 years, gives me the experience to represent clients globally from start-ups with great products  to large multinational companies with well-known established products. Since I am Latin, I am fluent in Spanish.  Also, given my extensive experience with different Latin cultures, I am well aware of the language nuances in Spanish.  I use such language knowledge to guide my clients with their Spanish advertising, marketing, and promotion campaigns in the USA. Advertising, marketing, and promotions in Spanish is critical for business growth in the USA since it is one of our strongest and largest growing economic sectors, and I am happy to help you achieve such growth within the Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Law legal framework.

Marketing is absolutely crucial to any business, and just as crucial is getting it right. No matter your product/service and business size, marketing takes a considerable amount of time, effort, planning, resources and financing. So, as an Advertising and Marketing lawyer, am here to help maximize your marketing efforts by guiding you through the complex and extensive legal framework of Advertising,  Marketing, and Promotions Law in the USA.

If you have any questions regarding Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law, need help reviewing your advertising campaign in English or Spanish, or you need help with a False and Misleading Advertising lawsuit or challenge, please feel free to email me at  You can also schedule a time to speak with me, please click here:

I look forward to working with you,


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“I want to thank you for your professionalism and your diligent case management and follow through especially your knowing when additional creditable documentation was needed.  I would recommend your services…. Again congratulations on a job well done.”

“Audrey was very professional and provided me with assurance and expert consultation during a stressful process.  I was very happy with the service she provided.”

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