ADA Website Compliance

ADA Compliant?

Does your business have a website?

ADA website compliance
ADA Website compliance

Why bother?

To avoid expensive lawsuits

What does it mean to have an ADA compliant website?

Your website needs the technical programming on the backend for people with disabilities to use your website

That sounds expensive!

Not nearly as expensive as lawsuits for non-compliance!

How do you help me with my website?

I review for legal compliance with Ad Law, Marketing Law, Promotions Law, Intellectual Property Law, Privacy Law and ADA online compliance. Then I review my findings and discuss how to bring your website into legal compliance.

Yes, I help you with all the legal language necessary to be legally compliant, and I work with your IT to help you be compliant on the backend.

I'm a small business, so I heard it does not apply to me.

Size, location, product or service don't make you exempt from legal compliance! By the way, once you have a live website, you are advertising and marketing your business nationally and internationally, so federal laws do apply.