Ad Law, Marketing Law, and Promotions Law (Ad Law)

All companies need legal risk management, especially for advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns and assets.  In particular, any advertising and marketing online triggers not just state laws, but federal and international legal compliance.

Glover Dichter, PL guides clients to be legally comply with best practices with everything advertising, marketing, and promotions.  Such legal guidance involves reviewing the following, but not limited, marketing assets for legal compliance:


Social media

Email Campaigns 

Digital ads 


Video content 






Business cards 



Promotional items 

Trade show displays 

TV or Radio advertisements


When reviewing your ads and marketing, I look for legal compliance such as, among many more:

• Claim Substantiation - Do you know how to support what your ads claim to do?
Comparative Claims - Do you have the right support for comparing your company to others?
Influencers - Are they following the guidelines for influencers?
Disclosures/Disclaimers - Do you need them? Are they visible? Are they legally compliant?
Contracts - Are they drafted to protect your business?
Pricing issues (sales) - Do you meet the legal definition of SALE?
Promotions (coupons) - Are your coupons legally compliant?
Sweepstakes/Contests - Do you have legally compliant rules to protect your business?  
Labeling - What do your labels say about your products?
• Packaging - What does it say about your product?  Does it need legal protection?
• Negative Options/membership clubs - Are your rules legally compliant?
• Social Media and Digital media/technology - Are such ads legally compliant?
• Children’s Advertising - Do you ads target children?  Are your ads legally compliant?

Ad Law requires legal compliance from all businesses advertising, marketing and promoting products or services in the USA regardless of location, size, product or service offered.  

Ad Law requires legal compliance before any advertisements and marketing is launched to public at state and federal levels.

Ad Law requires that all advertisements and marketing be legally compliant regardless of the language used.  At Glover Dichter, PL I review for Ad Law legal compliance in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 

As a small business owner myself, I understand the risks that come with being an entrepreneur.  So, regardless of the size of my clients' businesses, I can relate and understand the consequences of legal compliance and the effects on such businesses.

Glover Dichter, PL has helped businesses achieve legal compliance is different industries with advertising, marketing and promotions law.

I help you protect your business from potential costly legal problems by reviewing your ads and drafting the necessary legal language to be legally compliant with ad law, which is industry agnostic.  So, yes, it applies to your business!

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