100% Claim Requires Substantiation.

Ajax Ultra Dish Liquid claimed that it provides “100% grease removal,” however the National Advertising Division (NAD) found that the marketer/advertiser was unable to substantiate the claim based on the studies conducted. In its decision, the NAD recognized “the strong impact that quantified performance claims have on consumers, and that the use of the numerical “100%” conveys a message of completeness and certainty that more vague language may not. Testing presented in support of this quantified, absolute claim should measure the total absence of grease from dishes – the promised benefit of its Ajax Ultra.” Unfortunately, the testing conducted to support the 100% claim did not substantiate the claim, and the advertiser/marketer was asked to discontinue the claim.

Ajax Ultra Dish Liquid also claimed to be made “With 100% Real Citrus Extract,” which the advertiser/marketer was able to substantiate. In Particular, such claim was not tied to the 100% grease removal claim and it was “conveyed was a product ingredient claim.” Hence, the advertiser/marketer was allowed to continue such claim, and there was no need to change the name of the product.

Bottom line, if an advertiser/marketer uses the 100% claim for its product, there needs to be a basis to support such claim, it’s part of building trust with the targeted consumer. #substantiationequalstrust, #transparencyformstrust.