$3 Million 🤨

Can you afford that fine? The FTC announced that it reached a $3 million settlement with a trading company for misleading customers with “false investment promises’. The company made baseless money-making claims in its marketing to lure in customers. The company itself made millions while their customers lost thousands of dollars on top of the money they spent […]

$100,000 +++ Penalty!

Can your business afford such financial penalties for false and misleading advertising? The FTC recently fined a business for “falsely” labeling its product with “Made in the USA” labels and making false statements such as “Proudly Designed and Built in the USA” What did the FTC use in its case? Accordingly, the complaint stated… “Photographs […]

Regulations v. Guidance

Yes, they are different! Regulations:1. Have the force of law.  2. Regulations are required when legislation  becomes law.  3. must go through a process before being finalized and legally applicable. Guidance: 1. Clarification of a particular existing regulation by an agency.2. Does not have the force of law.3. Policy based. When the Circuit Courts are divided, such as […]

Green Claim or Puffery?

Green claim v. puffery What is puffery?  It is an exaggerated or opinion-based statement. Puffery is not meant to be a defining factor in a consumer’s purchasing decisions.  What is a Green Claim?  Environmentally friendly claim, such as “reef friendly,” “renewable,” “carbon offset,” etc,  In the “reef friendly” case, the supermarket argued that the”reef friendly” claim was […]

Are you ready for Q2?

Are you ready for Q2? This is your friendly reminder to have your website reviewed for legal compliance at least every quarter.   The law changes often and websites must keep up with legal changes.  Websites must be legally compliant with Ad Law, Marketing Law, Promotions Law, Intellectual Property Law, Privacy Law, and ADA legal online […]

Legal Issues with Photos

Legal issues with using photos Using photos for marketing, especially online, can be tricky! Here are some tips… DON’T download from internet as you could be infringing owner’s copyright. Lots of litigation in this field. READ the platforms Terms and Conditions regarding using photos and/or licensing. Every platform has rules on how to use photos and […]

How to Protect Your Business from Your WEBSITE©

How to Protect Your Business from Your WEBSITE© By E. Audrey Glover-Dichter As professionals, we have strict rules regarding advertising.  For attorneys, such rules depend on the state(s) in which you are licensed.  The bottom line, all states require specific language to be used on marketing assets, particularly on websites. Just because you may be […]