Just like English is a living language that changes with generations, so is Spanish.  Just like the USA has different dialects in different parts of the country, so do the different Latin communities.  Yes, Hispanics speak Spanish, but each Hispanic culture has its own dialect and language nuance.

So, when I review a marketing campaign in Spanish for legal compliance, one of the first questions I ask is who is your target audience?  Who are you talking to?  It really does matter to know which Hispanic culture you are targeting in order for your Spanish marketing campaign to be written for that audience.  You want your message to be well received by that audience, so, it needs to speak their language.

According the Pew Research Center,  the Hispanic population in the USA is growing and  15 different countries seem to have the largest contingency of Hispanics in the USA.  Thus, that means at the very least, we have 15 different Latin cultures and language nuances to contend with when marketing in Spanish. The top three states with the largest Hispanic populations are California, Texas and Florida.

Best practice for businesses is to consider advertising in Spanish.  Most importantly, regardless of language, advertising must be legally compliant. So, campaigns need to be reviewed by an Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law attorney in Spanish.  Also, because not all Hispanics speak the same Spanish, it is important to have your campaigns reviewed in Spanish to avoid misunderstandings, and not loose your message.  I am happy to review your Spanish campaigns for legal compliance in Spanish.  Feel free to contact me.

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