If I had a penny for every time I get the same comment or question, I could probably retire.  The question or comment is “I already have a lawyer, why do I need you, yet another attorney?”  To which I usually reply, “if you break a bone, do you go to the gynecologist to fix it?” (Of course, I do get strange looks.)  Just like doctors have their specialties, so do attorneys.  Given the numerous different areas of law, and the vast amounts of statutes, regulations, case law, policies, etc. within each area of law, it is virtually impossible for any attorney to be well versed in all legal fields.  So, just like we go to doctors who specialize in particular medical fields, clients should work with attorneys who focus on the legal field in which they need assistance. 

I only focus my practice on Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law. I help clients minimize legal risks stemming from their businesses’ marketing and promotions campaigns. I don’t prepare and file patent or trademarks with the government, but I work on having the appropriate IP clearances for your marketing campaigns, which is a totally different process.  I don’t write content for your marketing, but I work with your marketers/creative teams to review content for substantiation and other potential legal issues.  I don’t do the product testing, but I review your documentation for claim substantiation support.  I don’t prepare and file documentation with the FDA, but I review your marketing for FDA compliance, if applicable.   Also, I look for potential privacy issues, review/draft the necessary disclosures, review/draft necessary contracts specific to your marketing needs, etc. I also help you with your advertising and promotions campaigns in Spanish.

So, to answer the question, why work with me, an Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law attorney, I help you in different ways that other attorneys do not. Just like you go to the orthopedic surgeon to fix a broken bone, your marketing and promotions campaigns need to be reviewed by an Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law attorney, who knows the law in that particular legal field, if you wish to minimize your legal risk.

Best practice is to work with the professionals knowledgeable in the legal fields specific to your needs.  Not sure where to start, I would be happy to guide you. #substantiationequalstrust #transparencyformstrust #advertisingandmarketinglawyer #hispanicadvertisingandmarketingattorney