“The United States has a growing Hispanic population of more than 59 million people. Hispanic people are projected to reach a collective buying power of $1.7 trillion (paywall) by 2020.”

Here is another great article as to why advertising in Spanish in the USA is important for growth. According to this Forbes article, “Marketing to this sector in its preferred language could give you an upper hand against your competitors…. And a Nielsen study from the same year confirmed that ads in Spanish — particularly those developed, not just translated into, Spanish — are at a clear advantage when it comes to brand memorability and likability.”

Here is a great quote from the article, “Succeeding globally is about succeeding locally as many times as possible. Targeting your local Hispanic community can be key to establishing a strong enough local presence so you can eventually reach further, more ambitious international expansion goals.”

Best business practice is not only to advertise in Spanish, but also have your Spanish advertising campaigns reviewed for legal compliance in Spanish. Just like this article emphasizes, it is crucial to know the nuances in the language of your target audience in Spanish. I save the client time and money by doing so. Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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