What does due diligence look like for you?  Due diligence is different for different businesses based on the business’ strategy, finances, priorities, etc.  Is your marketing campaign part of your due diligence?  The point of due diligence is to protect our businesses and minimize legal risk.  Shouldn’t your marketing campaign be part of your due diligence?  Lawsuits or challenges for false and misleading advertising are very costly.  Even more expensive is  having to take your marketing down, redo it, and launch it publicly again.  Also, the time spent defending and redoing the marketing campaign can hurt your goals.  Most importantly, TRUST!  Marketing is about building trust in your brand.

Best business practice is to include your marketing campaigns in your due diligence as part of your strategy to minimize legal risk.   Have your marketing campaigns reviewed for legal compliance, preferably before going public.  Federal, state and local laws apply to all businesses, and the law changes.  So, even if your marketing campaign is public already, they still need to be reviewed for necessary changes.  Any questions? Feel free to contact me so I can help you by reviewing your marketing campaigns in English and Spanish.

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