Why are Intellectual Property (IP) clearances so important to every business?

From an Advertising Law point of view, it is important to run such clearances to attempt to avoid lawsuits for copyright and/or trademark or even patent infringement.

From a business perspective, IP clearance need to be done before incorporating to make sure that your business name/logo are available. If another business has already filed a trademark for the same business name and provides the same goods or services, then you probably need to rebrand to attempt to avoid a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Did you run an IP clearance before incorporating your business or launching your marketing campaign publicly?  It’s part of doing due diligence.

Best business practice is to have all marketing be legally compliant with all applicable laws, Advertising Law, IP Law, and Privacy Law before launching the campaign publicly.  Also, it is best business practice for the business to be legally compliant as well.

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