Websites have become a much needed part of any business’ marketing campaign, especially after COVID.  Websites, for some businesses, are the main source of advertising.  So, it is crucial to update your websites to be legally compliant.  Why?

1. Websites have no geographical limitations.  Hence, if you have a website, you are advertising nationally and internationally.  Therefore, FTC and other federal laws may apply to your business’ website. Consequently, advertising, marketing and promotions law apply to your website.

2. Given the numerous privacy laws worldwide, and the potential for hefty fines, it is crucial for websites to be legally compliant with privacy laws nationally and internationally.  Keep in mind that it’s the WHO is on your website that determines the applicable privacy law.

3. There has been an increase of ADA non-compliance lawsuits lately, which are very costly to defend. 

Best business practice is to have your websites reviewed and updated for legal compliance to minimize legal risk.

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