Hola. Hello in Spanish. Word of colorful vector triangular lettersAccording to Nielsen’s Descubrimiento Digital report of 2018,

“Spanish Language Is Identity Affirming. The use of Spanish language and cultural connections are critical to U.S. Hispanic identity and lifestyle. As the Latinx population has seen a steady increase in young, bilingual, U.S.- born Hispanics (as well as a significant ambicultural* Afro-Latinx population), language remains one of the most important connections to culture and heritage. Among U.S. Hispanics, 73% agree that it’s important to them that their children continue their family’s cultural traditions, and the same percentage agree that their cultural/ethnic heritage is an important part of who they are. The large number of multigenerational U.S. Hispanic households also contributes to the continued usage of Spanish in the home and relevant ties to Hispanic culture.” Page 3

As the Hispanic population in the USA continues to grow, so does their purchasing power. Given how Hispanics affirm that Spanish is part of their identity, advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns in Spanish are crucial. Just like it is important to have advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns in English reviewed for legal compliance, reviewing such campaigns in Spanish is just as necessary. It is important to review the Spanish campaigns in Spanish, rather than relying on possible translation errors that could lead to several issues. Finally, having all advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns reviewed in the language in which they will run helps minimize risk. #transparencyformstrust #substantiationequalstrust #advertisingandmarketinglawyer