Are you legally compliant with privacy/data collection laws? 

When you are in the office, you probably have a uniform system upon which to rely for privacy and data collection issues.  Some offices give employees laptops that are to be used for work that have all the uniform protections as the office.  So, now that everybody is working from home due to COVID 19, everyone may have different computers with different software, with or without firewalls, etc.   So this brings me to my next suggestion as to how to use downtime during COVID 19:

Perfect timing to review and update online privacy policy

Depending on your business, the requirements to protect collected data may be more extensive.  Keep in mind that if you have a website, at the very least, you need to have a cookie policy and banner.  Your Terms and Conditions should probably include legal language to cover GDPR, CCPA and SHIELD Act requirements.  Depending on what and how much information your website collects, determines the level of security necessary.  Also, the acts are different as to liability, particularly regarding third party breaches.

Best business practice is to have review and update your agency’s or business’ privacy/data collection policies, especially now that the SHIELD Act just took effect on March 21, 2020.  Legal compliance with privacy/data laws is crucial for any business, which could minimize legal risks and hefty fines.  Friendly reminder: Substantiation + transparency = TRUST! Updated privacy/data policies build TRUST with clients as well! Any question? Feel free to contact me.

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