For the past couple of weeks, I have been posting ideas what to do for your business with downtime during COVID 19.  Today I share another idea that I strongly feel needs to be done often as the law changes often.  Just like on-boarding is imperative for new team members, so is maintaining skills.  So, my next suggestion is:

Perfect  timing to do in-house legal training on Advertising Law

In-house legal training on Advertising Law is crucial so that everyone at the agency or your business’ marketing department has at least a basic understanding of the do’s and don’t’s of Advertising Law.  The point of the training is not to turn anyone into an Ad Law attorney, but give everyone on your team the ability to hopefully spot red flags that could eventually derail the whole marketing campaign.  Having such ability, is part of doing due diligence before marketing campaigns go public.   Having the ability to spot red flags, gives you the opportunity to change, update, correct anything in the campaign, if necessary.  The point of spotting red flags is to attempt to minimize legal risk for a challenge or a lawsuit for false, misleading, or fraudulent advertising. 

Best business practice is to have in-house training to be up to date with Advertising Law to be able to spot potential red flags in marketing campaigns.  Once such red flags are spotted, it is best business practice to discuss with an Advertising Law attorney to decide how to proceed to attempt to avoid legal challenges or lawsuits. 

Friendly reminder that marketing campaigns need to be legally compliant before launching publicly.  Also, Substantiation + transparency = TRUST! Legally compliant advertising campaigns build TRUST with clients as well! Any question? Feel free to contact me.

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