Just like the USA, UK, and Australia speak English, we all speak very different English.  The same is for Spanish.  Just because Hispanics speak Spanish, we don’t all speak the same Spanish.  When reviewing a marketing campaign in Spanish, my first question is “who” is your target audience to take into account the language nuances.  Below is a quote from the Claritas The 2020 Hispanic Market Report page 10 that discusses the language differences.

“Country of Origin Matters Hispanics are by no means a homogeneous group. U.S. Hispanics speak many variations of the Spanish language and like many immigrant cultures, integrate traditions from their countries of origin that influence their decisions such as buying habits. So, in order to market successfully to Hispanics, you must take into consideration their country of origin. Compounding the complexity of Hispanic country of origin is that of Hispanic language preference. Over 32% of Hispanic Americans are Spanish language dependent or bi-lingual Spanish preferred. Businesses seeking to connect with Hispanics should go beyond simply being in-language, they should focus on being in-culture and culturally relevant and traditionally accurate.”