When I meet with new clients to discuss the legal aspects of their marketing campaigns, one of the first questions addressed is advertising in Spanish, as I offer review of such campaigns.  It always surprises me when the client tells me advertising in Spanish is not a consideration.  Why?

There are so many different reasons, a big one being budget.  As a business owner, I completely understand the need to make tough budget choices. BUT, why not capitalize on what is the largest growing economic segment in the USA?  According to the Culture Marketing Council (CMC) 2019 Hispanic Market Guide, “1 in 4 people under age 18 are Hispanic, representing the second largest population.” (page 4).  “Hispanic Centennials: 67% are bilingual….” (page 6).  Also, according to the research “Hispanics more likely to buy online, daily” (page 8).  “Upscale Latinos, representing households earning between $40-100K a year, are the most upwardly mobile segment and account for 40 percent of Hispanic buying power.” (page 14).

With powerful information found in the CMC Guide and other reliable sources, why not allocate some advertising dollars toward advertising in Spanish?  I explain to clients that there are several resources available to help target their Spanish advertising to their target audience.  Of course, because I am fluent in Spanish, I am always willing to help clients by reviewing their campaigns directly in Spanish, saving time and money. 

Best practice for businesses is to consider advertising in Spanish.  Most importantly, because not all Hispanics speak the same Spanish, it is important to have your campaigns reviewed in Spanish to avoid misunderstandings, and not loose your message.  #substantiationequalstrust. #transparencyformstrust #advertisingandmarketinglawyer #hispanicadvertisingandmarketingattorney #couponlegality #promotiontransparency #promotionalintegrity

For more information:  http://www.culturemarketingcouncil.org/Find-an-Expert