A few days ago I was excited to try a new class at a new studio with one of my favorite dance teachers. I met the new studio owner, who told me the business is in the process of putting together a marketing campaign. What struck me about our conversation is the limitations placed on the business’ marketing campaign. The owner expressed an interest in targeting the local, sizable and ever growing Hispanic community, but said it would have to wait. WHY?

During our conversation, the owner told me they are producing a video too, and that he would call me after it was done. WHY?

Best practice for businesses is to consider advertising in Spanish, especially if you are establishing a new business in a sizable and growing Hispanic community – WHY WAIT? It is very important, because not all Hispanics speak the same Spanish, to have your marketing campaigns reviewed in Spanish to avoid misunderstandings, and not loose your message.

Also,WHY WAIT to review the marketing campaign after the video is done? It is best business practice to review the marketing campaign materials BEFORE making the video and launching! If there are any necessary changes to be made, it is best to make them before the cost of making the video, etc. Having to remake videos to fix potential marketing law issues can be very costly, especially to a new business. #substantiationequalstrust. #transparencyformstrust #advertisingandmarketinglawyer
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