NY Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act goes into effect on March 21, 2020, what does this mean for your business?

Regardless of the type of business you may have in NY, the Shield Act requires protecting consumers from data breaches.  If your business collects private data such as medical, personal, financial, etc, you are required to implement safeguards against breaches.

Again, the focus of the SHIELD Act, just like CCPA and GDPR, is on the WHO, being NY residents.  So, if your business, regardless of location, collects data from NY residents, the Shield Act may apply to you as well.

Best business practice is to be SHIELD, CCPA and GDPR compliant, especially if you do business on line.  Businesses need to do their due diligence, and review the safeguard already implemented to protect the private consumer data collected for compliance.  If not compliant, businesses need to implement the necessary changes to current safeguards immediately.  Any questions?  Feel free to contact me.

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