What happens when a competitor launches a marketing campaign targeting your business with false and misleading information?

This week, a California Court granted an order against the plaintiff’s competitor, who “published a “scientific” study containing false and fabricated data about the (plaintiff’s business) injury rate designed to specifically to harm… (plaintiff’s) business and reputation.”  The false statements via articles citing false reports about the plaintiff’s business directly affected the plaintiff’s revenue and growth.  Consequently, the Court awarded almost $4 million in monetary sanctions for “unfair competition and false advertising.…”

According to the Court’s Order, not only was this defendant’s marketing campaign deceitful and hurtful for five (5) years, defendant also destroyed evidence, committed perjury and participated in “…extensive efforts to cover up its egregious scientific misconduct.”

Best business practice is if a business is going to launch a marketing campaign against a competitor, at the very least have truthful and strong supportive evidence of the claims being made in the marketing materials.  Any questions?  Feel free to contact me.

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