If you cook a veggie burger on the same grill as a beef burger, is the veggie burger still a veggie burger?

A lawsuit recently filed claims that the veggie burger is contaminated by meat by-products by cooking it on the same grill as beef burgers. Although the company claims that there is an alternative cooking method for the veggie burger upon request, the plaintiff claims that there was no signage of such option. Hence, among other legal questions raised in the complaint is “[w]hether Defendant engaged in fraudulent, false, deceptive and/or unfair conduct and business practices in advertising and selling its meat-free (burger) that in fact contained meat by-products….” Stay tuned…

Best business practice would be to educate staff of alternatives methods regarding new products, and place clear and conspicuous signs as to options available educating consumers. Also, marketing campaigns should probably include clear and conspicuous disclaimers as well. Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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