As a mom of two daughters, I always encourage my girls to take care of themselves. Primarily for themselves because they are worthy of self love, but everybody knows that first impressions count.  For years I used an analogy that their faces are like an artist’s canvas.  If the canvas is not clean and in good shape, then the artwork, being makeup, just won’t look good, or be the best it can be.

Interestingly, the Second Circuit Court used a similar analogy when deciding a copyright case for makeup artistry.  Specifically, the Court stated “…§ 101 (defining “‘[p]ictorial, graphic, and sculptural works [to] include two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art”). [The artist’s] makeup Artistry fits into this category in “a broad sense” because it is essentially a painting that is displayed on a person’s face”

Is your work copyrightable?

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