Another suggestion of what to do with downtime during COVID 19 is…

Perfect timing to review potential Intellectual Property (IP) issues in your marketing campaigns

While working on current campaigns that will hopefully be launched publicly soon, it is crucial to review potential issues with IP being used in your campaigns.  Do you have permission to use that photo? Do you have permission to use that song? So many more questions need to be addressed during an IP clearance as part of doing due diligence for campaigns to be legally compliant.

Best business practice is to do IP clearances during the process of creating a marketing campaign to be able to spot potential issues and fix them.  Once such IP red flags are spotted, it is best business practice to discuss with an Advertising Law attorney to decide how to proceed to attempt to avoid lawsuits for copyright or trademark infringement.

Friendly reminder that marketing campaigns need to be legally compliant before launching publicly.  Also, Substantiation + transparency = TRUST! Legally compliant advertising campaigns build TRUST with clients as well! Any question? Feel free to contact me.

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