If you find yourself with downtime in your business, then I would like to suggest things to do to minimize your legal risk for false and misleading advertising challenges and/or lawsuits. For the next few days, I will share some of my ideas.  Today I start with the following:

Perfect timing to review advertising campaigns for legal compliance in English and Spanish.

Given that certain aspects of marketing may not be available at this time potentially causing downtime, it is a great opportunity to review marketing campaigns that are getting ready to launch publicly.  Friendly reminder that, per FTC rules, advertising campaigns must be legally compliant before launching publicly.  So, perhaps this is a good time to take a deep breath, take advantage of the downtime, and have your campaigns reviewed to be ready to launch publicly when we go back to normal.

Best business practice is to have your all marketing campaign materials reviewed for Advertising Law compliance in English and Spanish, preferably BEFORE launching the campaign publicly.  Friendly reminder: Substantiation + transparency = TRUST! Marketing builds TRUST! Any question? Feel free to contact me.

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