In continuation of ideas of what to do during COVID19 downtime, my next suggestion is…

Perfect timing to implement Advertising Law internal procedure policy

Last week, I discussed the importance of doing in-house legal training on Advertising Law to have the team educated on dos and don’ts of Advertising Law.  It is also important that in-house training cover changes in the law that may affect marketing campaign being prepared or the ones that are already in the public domain. 

Logically, it seems that implementing Advertising Law internal procedure policy would follow.  Of course, any time is a good time to do such implementation.  The point of having an Advertising Law internal procedure policy is to have checks each step of the way of creating marketing campaigns to be legally compliant with Advertising Law before launching it publicly.  The policy could be as simple as having a checkoff list to perform due diligence. 

Best business practice is to have an Advertising Law internal procedure policy to be able to spot potential red flags in marketing campaigns.  Once such red flags are spotted, it is best business practice to discuss with an Advertising Law attorney to decide how to proceed to attempt to avoid legal challenges or lawsuits. 

Friendly reminder that marketing campaigns need to be legally compliant before launching publicly.  Also, Substantiation + transparency = TRUST! Legally compliant advertising campaigns build TRUST with clients as well! Any question? Feel free to contact me.

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