There seems to be a trend where famous people are photographed and such photos are posted to social media.

But, when the famous person downloads the photo and reposts it on his/her social media, they get sued by the photographer.

Who owns the right to post the photo? 

Technically, the photographer owns the copyright of the photo, but what is done with the photo raises so many questions:
➖Did the photographer file for copyright protection?
➖Did the photographer post the photo on social media platforms that allows others to use the photo? (READ the Terms and Conditions!)

Internet  = public domain 🗃

➖Is it fair use for the famous person to use the photo since it’s his/her image?
➖Does anyone have rights regarding how his/her image is used?
➖Was it an invasion of privacy to take the photo?

Best practice is to work with an attorney who can guide you. 

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