As a business owner, I’m in awe sometimes of the amount of stuff I’m expected to know to run a legally compliant and successful business.  

As an attorney, I’m aware of the different legal fields, but I can’t and don’t pretend to be an expert at all of them.  

Like you, I have my business niche, Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law.  So, I reach out to other attorneys to be legally compliant with other fields of law. 

What fields of law apply to all businesses:
▫️Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law
▫️Business/Corporate Law
▫️Labor & Employment Law
▫️Tax Law
▫️Intellectual Property
▫️Real Estate
These are just a few.  

I urge and encourage all business owners to budget adequately for legal, it’s money well spent!!!  Lawsuits are much much more expensive!!!

Contact me to have your marketing reviewed in English and Spanish for legal compliance.

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