Nearly 1/3 of some “Pre-Approved” offers resulted in denials…

A big credit company is being sued for using tactics to persuade consumers into applying for loans they weren’t qualified for. They would claim that the consumer was ‘pre-approved’ and told them that they had ‘90% odds’ to sway them. ADDITIONALLY this company required lots of personal information from consumers to use their services. Guess […]

Buying tickets…

Have you ever found yourself asking why a $150 ticket ended up costing you closer to $200? My family loves going to the theater, so we have plenty of experience with ticket buying. It is SO FRUSTRATING to see all of these up-charges on tickets! Don’t even get me started on the ‘processing’ fees 😅 […]

I’ve been trying to tell you…

This week the California Attorney General announced “California’s first-in-the-nation landmark privacy law” case in which a major business was fined $1.2 million for NONCOMPLIANCE. This case is the warning that California AG’s office is taking action against those who are not following the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on their websites. Many businesses will be […]

First Day of School for Me!

Believe it or not… It’s the last Friday of August.  How time flies! 😄 I’ll be going in to teach my first class of the semester today and I’m so excited! I love being able to share my many years of legal knowledge with a new generation of students.  It can be challenging at times […]


We’ve all been there… Some companies say FREE and then charge you a service fee. or shipping fee. or a processing fee… Despite how often we see it happen, this is an 🗣ILLEGAL practice. Not only will your company be fined, but you’ll often be BANNED from selling or providing a service. Recently, a loaning […]

$100 MILLION for customer redress

In a recent FTC case, 3 healthcare companies were sued after several instances of false claims that misled customers about products and services. 👉🏻The companies lured customers in with deceptive websites … 👉🏻‘High-pressure sales tactics’ were used to convince consumers that their healthcare plans covered all of their concerns. They did NOT. To top it […]

Is Artificial Intelligence smart enough to own its own intellectual property?

In today’s society, we seem to rely more and more on artificial intelligence (AI) to help with different tasks.  We use AI for anything and everything from the mundane to potentially creating other AI systems, programs, etc. The question that seems to be debated is can AI be as smart as a human to own […]

Are you and your business ready for Q3??

As an Ad Law attorney, I remind everyone that all your marketing assets must be legally compliant before using them publicly per the law. Are the photos used on your website copyrighted? Do you have the legal right to use them? Are you using #disclosures? Do you need #disclaimers? Is your marketing compliant with Ad Law? Websites […]

Does your company also have the cure for COVID-19? 🤨

The FDA sent yet  another warning letter for a brand that claimed that their product treated and prevented COVID-19.  According to the FDA, “Some examples of the claims on your websites …” are: “THIS [PRODUCT] IS A PROMISING TOOL TO BATTLE COVID-19 . . .”“A SPRAY A DAY COULD KEEP COVID AWAY . . .” […]