Cannabidiol (CBD) product marketing can be VERY tricky.

…and over the years it has only gotten more complex with an influx in CBD sales.

An Arizona-based company was recently fined over $30,000 for false and unsupported claims that were deceiving consumers.

This company was claiming that their product was a cure for many conditions including, but not limited to:
👉🏻 acne
👉🏻 psoriasis
👉🏻 hypertension
👉🏻 multiple sclerosis
👉🏻 Parkinson’s disease
👉🏻 Alzheimer’s disease
👉🏻 even cancer!

They went as far as to ensure that these claims were backed by scientific evidence.

Of course…they were NOT.

💡Yesterday, the FTC returned to the case with an additional $21,000 fine needing to be returned to consumers after continued deception.

Whether you’re selling CBD gummies, capsules, or topical ointment, you MUST substantiate your claims.

Want to avoid such hefty fines? Contact me so I can help you market your Cannabidiol (CBD) business legally.

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