New year, new privacy rules…

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) took effect on January 1, 2023! CPRA has a look back for enforcement of one (1) year. What does that mean for your business? CPRA is applied to businesses retroactively. So, businesses that were not legally compliant with CPRA in 2022, could face potential legal issues. Of course, CPRA […]

Do you have a gambling problem?

Are you willing to gamble your business away? Can your business survive a lawsuit that might be preventable? HOW? Have your website, social media, and all marketing reviewed to be legally compliant with #Advertiisnglaw#iplaw#privacylaw#ADAonline Start 2023 on the right side of the law! Contact me/contacteme#gloverdichterpl#2023planning

Can energy efficient coating for walls and roofs work?

The FTC has recently banned a company’s CEO from making any more false claims about the alleged ‘energy-efficient’ qualities of their roof and wall coatings. The company claimed that their particular product would save users substantial money on energy bills. 👉🏻In reality, there were no features or characteristics in their product that would make it […]

Big brother is watching…

But, WHICH big brother is watching?! All social media platforms have privacy policies that specify with whom your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) may be shared. If you use the platform, you have consented to your PII being share!!! Did you know that a very popular social media platform shares your PII not only with the […]

Hefty Fine!

$100 Million fine for trapping customers… Have you ever tried cancelling a monthly service? Was it easy? Or was it impossible? When you make it hard to cancel any monthly service, customers will complain! Complaints lead to the FTC or other state/federal agencies investigating your business. Investigations lead to hefty fines!!! Can your business afford […]

Influencer Effects

Have you used influencers to market your business/product? Nowadays, many companies are using influencers as a main marketing source for their products. Did you know that this adds a whole new level of liability? For example:A big energy drink company worked with influencers to market their drink on social media. The influencers were asked to […]

What’s on your website?

Content is key! Content can make or break your business, especially if content is not legally compliant with: Advertising Law (#adlaw)Intellectual Property (#IP)Privacy Law (#privacylaw)ADA online (#ADAonline) How much risk are you willing to take? Better be safe than sorry – have your website reviewed and updated for legal compliance!!! Contact me to get your […]

Food Logos

Do you use food logos on your packaging? If you include such food logos on your packaging, do you meet the standards imposed by such food logos? Unfortunately, not all packaging displaying food logos meet the standards imposed by them! 😱 So what?! Well, for starters, it is false, misleading and fraudulent advertising! Nobody will […]

Marketing Campaigns from Abroad

Want to use a foreign marketing campaign in the USA??? Scenario: Client is introducing a product into the USA market and wants to use the current marketing campaign from abroad in the USA. What do you think? Can the client use the foreign marketing campaign in the USA? It depends!! On what does it depend? […]