Big brother is watching…

But, WHICH big brother is watching?! All social media platforms have privacy policies that specify with whom your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) may be shared. If you use the platform, you have consented to your PII being share!!! Did you know that a very popular social media platform shares your PII not only with the […]

Marketing Campaigns from Abroad

Want to use a foreign marketing campaign in the USA??? Scenario: Client is introducing a product into the USA market and wants to use the current marketing campaign from abroad in the USA. What do you think? Can the client use the foreign marketing campaign in the USA? It depends!! On what does it depend? […]

Do you advertise to kids?

Did you know that there are special rules to protect kids from advertising? It’s vital that you understand that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules apply to ALL advertising targeting children – regardless of the medium. If you are advertising to children under the age of 13, you are susceptible to fines, suspensions, […]

Canna Marketing

Cannabidiol (CBD) product marketing can be VERY tricky. …and over the years it has only gotten more complex with an influx in CBD sales. An Arizona-based company was recently fined over $30,000 for false and unsupported claims that were deceiving consumers. This company was claiming that their product was a cure for many conditions including, […]


We’ve all been there… Some companies say FREE and then charge you a service fee. or shipping fee. or a processing fee… Despite how often we see it happen, this is an 🗣ILLEGAL practice. Not only will your company be fined, but you’ll often be BANNED from selling or providing a service. Recently, a loaning […]

$100 MILLION for customer redress

In a recent FTC case, 3 healthcare companies were sued after several instances of false claims that misled customers about products and services. 👉🏻The companies lured customers in with deceptive websites … 👉🏻‘High-pressure sales tactics’ were used to convince consumers that their healthcare plans covered all of their concerns. They did NOT. To top it […]

Good news – Depart of Justice issued ADA online compliance guidance!

ADA = American with Disabilities Act, and it’s about 30 years old, pre-internet. Guidance is always welcome, especially on a hot legal issue such as ADA online compliance. The Circuit Courts have been divided for years. In some Federal Circuits the Court has held that if there is a brick and mortar store, then ADA […]