What triggers privacy based lawsuits?  Two main triggers seem to be:

  1. Data breaches
  2. Collecting more data without consent

We all heard, and probably experienced, data breaches.  It seems I get such notifications much too often for comfort.  Businesses need strong privacy policies and cybersecurity policies to protect themselves.  

Most importantly, it’s not just about protecting businesses, but also being responsible for the data collected, which must be protected.  Protection includes ALL data collected from all sources such as customers, online users, and yes, employees.  

In one case, the employer reached a $1.75M settlement with employees stemming from a data breach that allegedly included potential exposure even to dependents of the employees.  Other cases discuss the duty to protect  employees’ data even after the employees leaves the company.

A pending lawsuit covers transparency as to the data collected. Allegedly, when one searches in PRIVATE and/or INCOGNITO mode, the expectation is to NOT be tracked.  Unfortunately, based on the ongoing lawsuit, it seems that tracking and data collection happens even when searching in Private and/or incognito mode.  Stay tuned for more on this case in the future.

Privacy policies are crucial. We all rely on knowing what’s collected, purpose and how it’s shared. Therefore, we behave accordingly.  It’s up to each person to decide how much data to share.  So, it’s good to be informed to decide on the level of consent given.  Unfortunately, such decisions are taken away by data breaches and lack of transparency.

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