Student loans have always been a topic of interest among students of all ages. 

With so much pressure to repay their loans, students are often susceptible to falling for debt-relief schemes…

A new case by the FTC resulted in more than $822,000 refunded to students, who were scammed by a company offering student loan relief. 

The company scammed 14,521 students by charging illegal fees that they claimed went towards the student’s relief payment. 

The company would collect payments and make promises about lowering or even eliminating the student’s loans. But the money was heading in a different direction…

It’s ILLEGAL to claim one thing and do another, but I’m sure you know that already.

The message you are advertising to the public becomes an image you’re responsible to keep up.

If you say you will do, say, or provide something, then you better be able to follow through with it or you are risking hefty fines.

Contact me to help you avoid such hefty fines and remain legally compliant. 

I definitely know the long process and difficulties of maneuvering repaying student loans… law school wasn’t cheap 😅

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