What to do with a “WARNING LETTER?”

DON’T IGNORE THEM!!! What are warning letters? They are letters from federal agencies informing you of legal violations.   The good about warning letters is that they probably give your business the opportunity to rectify the legal situation. The bad about warning letters is that businesses get them because having committed legal violations. The ugly […]

Who can sue your business for #adlaw violations?©

Everybody and anybody who… How to minimize such risk?  Have your marketing reviewed for legal compliance! Any questions? Contact me/Contácteme/Contactez-Moi #gloverdichterpl #adlaw Attorney advertising

Why do IP clearances©

The short answer is to minimize legal risk from marketing assets. As an advertising law attorney, I review all marketing assets for legal compliance.  Part of my review includes IP clearances to make sure that the marketer has the necessary authorization to use the video, photo, music, whatever protected IP materials may be included. Contrary […]

Let’s talk website legal compliance…

This is your friendly reminder to have your website reviewed for legal compliance every quarter.   The law changes often and websites must keep up with legal changes.  Websites must be legally compliant with Ad Law, Marketing Law, Promotions Law, Intellectual Property Law, Privacy Law, and ADA legal online compliance at all times. When was […]

Cannabis packaging and marketing…

The FDA and FTC sent Cease and Desist letter to six (6) cannabis businesses for unfair and deceptive marketing of edible products. According to the letters, these cannabis businesses were packaging their CBD edibles in similar and recognizable kid snacks packaging.   Unfortunately,  “Children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of THC, with […]

Are there AI laws?

YES!!! Given the explosion of AI usage and legal issues arising out of it, countries around the world are implementing AI laws/regulations and/or guidance. On August 15, 2023, the Interim Measures for for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Service goes into effect in China. Canada is in the process of passing the AI and […]

Made in the USA…

Is it really made in the USA? What does that claim mean? Legally, to substantiate such advertising claim, you must show all or virtually all ingredients or parts were produced in the USA. Also, the law required assembly in the USA. It is legally required to disclose how much of the product contains parts from […]

Do you have a gambling problem?

Are you willing to gamble your business away? Can your business survive a lawsuit that might be preventable? HOW? Have your website, social media, and all marketing reviewed to be legally compliant with #Advertiisnglaw#iplaw#privacylaw#ADAonline Start 2023 on the right side of the law! Contact me/contacteme#gloverdichterpl#2023planning

Can energy efficient coating for walls and roofs work?

The FTC has recently banned a company’s CEO from making any more false claims about the alleged ‘energy-efficient’ qualities of their roof and wall coatings. The company claimed that their particular product would save users substantial money on energy bills. 👉🏻In reality, there were no features or characteristics in their product that would make it […]

Hefty Fine!

$100 Million fine for trapping customers… Have you ever tried cancelling a monthly service? Was it easy? Or was it impossible? When you make it hard to cancel any monthly service, customers will complain! Complaints lead to the FTC or other state/federal agencies investigating your business. Investigations lead to hefty fines!!! Can your business afford […]