A big celebrity is being fined $1.26 million for not being transparent with their advertising!!

The SEC is fining a celebrity after the post gave information about crypto currency on Instagram.

The post to millions of followers talked about a crypto project and invited others to invest.

The post used casual language and did not communicate properly that it was an advertisement per SEC rules. So, even though this celebrity thought adding ‘#AD’ in the post would be enough, it wasn’t.

NOTE —This # may have been enough for the FTC not to pursue, however, it was not enough under the SEC’s guidelines. This fact makes this case that much more important!

Even if you think you have your bases covered under the guidelines of one federal agency, you may have missed compliance with another federal agency. This is why it’s so important to have your marketing and advertising reviewed by an Ad Law attorney!

Have you reviewed your marketing campaigns for legal compliance?

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