Have you used influencers to market your business/product?

Nowadays, many companies are using influencers as a main marketing source for their products. Did you know that this adds a whole new level of liability?

For example:
A big energy drink company worked with influencers to market their drink on social media. The influencers were asked to create videos featuring the product…

This company is now being sued for copyright infringement based on the violations by the influencers’ videos!!

The company received several videos with copyrighted music, and did nothing about it.

Nowhere in the contracts did they specify if influencers could or could not use copyrighted music, and how to do so legally.

There are numerous music options on social media, BUT it doesn’t mean you can use them to market your business. Clearances and licensing are needed.

Additionally, outsourcing influencers to create the marketing videos for your business doesn’t get you off the hook!! The brand is ALWAYS responsible.

Are you thinking about including influencer marketing in your budget? Let me help you with that contract so your marketing is legally compliant.

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