Do you trust labels?

A supplement company must pay $1.1 million for false advertising!!! The false claims were: Not only the company made the false claims above, but worse, it claimed such supplements could prevent, treat or cure diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, heart disease, and yes, cancer.  The company suggested taking unto 12 capsules per day if diagnosed with any […]

Are money-making pitches true?

We all have been exposed to the crazy get rich quick money-making pitches.   Too good to be true?  Usually they are! Per FTC rules, marketing claims MUST be substantiated or they could be deemed false.  False advertising is illegal! If a business claims that by working with it you should make X dollars, then […]

AI seems great

…until it isn’t. Recently, an attorney used AI for legal research, upon which he relied heavily for a court filing. Unfortunately, the filing contained references to legal cases that were made up by AI. So what happens to the attorney now? Besides the embarrassment of filing a brief with non-existent caselaw, which of course hurts […]

Made in the USA…

Is it really made in the USA? What does that claim mean? Legally, to substantiate such advertising claim, you must show all or virtually all ingredients or parts were produced in the USA. Also, the law required assembly in the USA. It is legally required to disclose how much of the product contains parts from […]

Who should own social media accounts?

Who owns businesses’ social media accounts? We can all agree that social media is a very powerful marketing tool.  So when a business goes into bankruptcy, more and more the question is who gets such accounts. Lately there seems to an increase in litigation in this department.  There seems to be a pattern of thought […]

Have you seen a guitar building?

The building is the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL. Yes, you read that correctly.  The guitar is a one of a kind building that is famous and well known. This building has been granted trademark protection as a trade dress.  The Court’s decision states…  “Given the uniqueness of Applicant’s three-dimensional Guitar Design trade […]

New year, new privacy rules…

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) took effect on January 1, 2023! CPRA has a look back for enforcement of one (1) year. What does that mean for your business? CPRA is applied to businesses retroactively. So, businesses that were not legally compliant with CPRA in 2022, could face potential legal issues. Of course, CPRA […]

Do you have a gambling problem?

Are you willing to gamble your business away? Can your business survive a lawsuit that might be preventable? HOW? Have your website, social media, and all marketing reviewed to be legally compliant with #Advertiisnglaw#iplaw#privacylaw#ADAonline Start 2023 on the right side of the law! Contact me/contacteme#gloverdichterpl#2023planning

Can energy efficient coating for walls and roofs work?

The FTC has recently banned a company’s CEO from making any more false claims about the alleged ‘energy-efficient’ qualities of their roof and wall coatings. The company claimed that their particular product would save users substantial money on energy bills. 👉🏻In reality, there were no features or characteristics in their product that would make it […]