Is Artificial Intelligence smart enough to own its own intellectual property?

In today’s society, we seem to rely more and more on artificial intelligence (AI) to help with different tasks.  We use AI for anything and everything from the mundane to potentially creating other AI systems, programs, etc. The question that seems to be debated is can AI be as smart as a human to own […]

$2.25 million settlement for “false advertisement”

Regardless how big or small the business is, #AdLaw affects ALL  businesses that don’t comply. The settlement in this case is based on false advertising by mislabeling a product. This case is yet another example of how broad Ad Law is, and how important it is to  have your product labels reviewed for legal compliance with Ad […]

Are you and your business ready for Q3??

As an Ad Law attorney, I remind everyone that all your marketing assets must be legally compliant before using them publicly per the law. Are the photos used on your website copyrighted? Do you have the legal right to use them? Are you using #disclosures? Do you need #disclaimers? Is your marketing compliant with Ad Law? Websites […]


A big brand store was sued for overcharging and misleading prices on their store’s app.The ‘lowest’ prices on the app were inaccurate and changed depending on whether customers opened the app in or outside of their stores (aka geo-fencing). The final judgment prohibits  the brand from any further misleading price advertisements and requires the implementation of […]

Do you know everything you need to know?

As a business owner, I’m in awe sometimes of the amount of stuff I’m expected to know to run a legally compliant and successful business.   As an attorney, I’m aware of the different legal fields, but I can’t and don’t pretend to be an expert at all of them.   Like you, I have my business […]

Does your company also have the cure for COVID-19? 🤨

The FDA sent yet  another warning letter for a brand that claimed that their product treated and prevented COVID-19.  According to the FDA, “Some examples of the claims on your websites …” are: “THIS [PRODUCT] IS A PROMISING TOOL TO BATTLE COVID-19 . . .”“A SPRAY A DAY COULD KEEP COVID AWAY . . .” […]

Friendly reminder! 👇🏻

This is your friendly reminder to have your website reviewed for legal compliance at least every quarter.   The law changes often and websites must keep up with legal changes.  Websites must be legally compliant with Ad Law, Marketing Law, Promotions Law, Intellectual Property Law, Privacy Law, and ADA legal online compliance at all times. When […]

On-premises v. Off-premises billboards

First, a quick and basic review… On-premises = billboard is located on the premises of the business being advertised. Off-premises = billboard located in a separate location from the business being advertised. Who regulates billboards?  Usually localities in which the billboards are located. Why does it matter if the billboard is on or off the […]